WILDLIFE SUNRISE is the ultimate new experience at Hunter Valley Wildlife Park. Enjoy unprecedented access to wonderful animals that call our wildlife park home.

Our NEW experience includes:

Experience a truly extraordinary way to start your day!


Adults         $175.00 per person
Children      $135.00 per person


Feed the ostriches from our shaded deck just opposite the alligator pond. You’ll find camels, ostrich and antelope all in the expansive yard these amazing animals call home. They’re pretty fond of food, so if you stick around a few minutes, we’re pretty sure you’ll get a visit from a variety of animals.

It’s free to feed animals in this paddock, but you must purchase the animal food from our admissions office to ensure the animals aren’t being fed anything that will make them sick.

Our friendly Camels love a snack and a pat, but be careful to hold you hand flat as they may get carried away taking the food from your hand.  Purchase animal food from the admissions counter on your way into the park.

The kids will love meeting our adorable farmyard friends! Pat, feed and play with a range of creatures in our walk through farmyard.

Our friendly Kangaroos and Wallabies are inquisitive and love making new friends.  You can wander leisurely through their enclosure while they play, or check you out.  We have human free rest areas for our roos, so if they choose, you might have to wait a few minutes while they rest and recharge.  

See if you can spot a joey, and grab a selfie with our giant roo statues outside their enclosure.

You can feed our friendly roos; just purchase animal feed from the park entry or our gift shop.  Please don’t offer our animals any other food as it might make them very sick.

Grab two cones of animal food for just $7