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Known for years as 'Hunter Valley Zoo,' we re-named the park ‘Hunter Valley Wildlife Park’ in 2021, REFLECTING OUR MISSION TO GO beyond the traditional zoo setting.

Encompassing expansive grounds, we diligently care for over 200 animals, contributing significantly to the preservation of their populations threatened by habitat destruction worldwide. 

Thanks to Australian Wildlife Parks, Hunter Valley Wildlife Park is now a big part of the Hunter Region community. People from all over Australia and even the world come to visit.

Hunter Valley Wildlife Park is committed to taking care of animals and teaching people about them. With the help of Australian Wildlife Parks, the park has upgraded facilities and developed and partnered in more programs. This makes the park an important place for locals and tourists who want to learn about and protect the environment.

Zookeeper Chad loves the animals in the Hunter Valley Wildlife Park and works hard to connect visitors with them. The park shows how nature, community, and education can all work together.

zookeeper chad cares for all

boundless passion and a lifelong dedication to animals

With a massive one-million-strong following on social media, Chad uses his online presence to highlight the park's genuine commitment to the welfare and conservation of animals.

Through engaging posts, educational content, and behind-the-scenes insights, he ensures that people worldwide are aware of Featherdale's dedication to caring for unique species from all around the world.

Chad's impact goes beyond the park's physical boundaries as he effectively communicates the importance of wildlife preservation. He encourages his followers to support initiatives contributing to the well-being of all animal species. Serving as an ambassador, Chad not only boosts the park's visibility but also emphasizes the interconnectedness of global communities in safeguarding biodiversity.

Hunter Valley Wildlife Park, with Zookeeper Chad leading the charge, stands as a hub for conservation, education, and advocacy, reaching audiences far and wide in its mission to protect and cherish Australia's wildlife.

HOW CAN YOU HELP preserve wildlife & their habitats?

  1. Visit Hunter Valley wildlife park and meet our animals
  2. Do an encounter & better understand our animals
  3. Book an Education Adventure for your school
  4. Recycle
  5. Share your knowledge on social media
  7. Tafe/uni students - volunteer with us

If you’d like to help us keep up the good work by chipping in some hard-earned dollars or arranging a bequest to carry on your legacy, please make a donation.

Our Partners

We couldn't keep up the great work we do without some help along the way. Thank you to all our wonderful partners and sponsors. 

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Australian Wildlife Parks acknowledges Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of the land on which our offices and operations are located, and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

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